About Us

Discover Why Our Crustacean Bait Products are Preferred by Trap Fisherman

Our proprietary blend, fresh-canned Tuna Bloodline Bait was especially designed for sport and commercial trap fisherman for better effectiveness and efficiency.

We portion, can and pressure cook the bloodline of the tuna, which is a very oily part of the tuna. The canned bait condenses into a solid meat biscuit which allows it to fish longer than all other natural crustacean baits. Our bait is preserved during the canning process, making it the only natural, highly effective bait that can last for years without refrigeration or freezing. 

This bait is also a game changer for salmon fisherman who have found it extremely effective inside of popular lures designed to contain bait. We often hear reports from fishing guides and other sport fishermen that it can be even more effective than other natural baits (ie: herring, anchovies).

The "Red Snapper" bait can holder allows fisherman to quickly bait their traps. It was designed to hang from the trap and swing like a pendulum for increased scent dispersal. As a lifelong commercial fisherman, this product was created to increase production, reduce waste, and allow us to continue to fish long after the frozen baits were depleted. 

Proudly made in the U.S.A.